Sunday, October 9, 2011

Destination Spotlight: Poseidon Mystery Island, Fiji

One of the most undeniably beautiful places on this earth and most likely my favorite playground to ever exist: the ocean. As you have probably noticed, I love being in the water and I dream of traveling to amazing beaches with amazing sunsets, fantastic water activities, and the water obsession goes on and on. So it really should be no surprise that this next dream vacation spot encompasses all of those in one.

Welcome to Poseidon Mystery Island, the world's first seafloor resort! On its own private island in Fiji, Poseidon guests are transported underwater 40 feet by an elevator to find 24 unbelievable suites! The resort also includes spectacular underwater restaurants and lounges. It seriously can't get any better than this! Also, just in case you were worried you wouldn't be able to feed the fish outside your can. With the simple push of a button from your control console, you can release food to feed your underwater neighbors!

Now, this vacation is definitely very pricey and geared for the "elite vacationer" as their website says, but that includes me...right?

Regardless, here's the breakdown of the damage:

Seven days & six nights
US $15,000 per person includes
- transportation to the island from the company airplanes
- four nights in a luxury or over-water villa
- two nights in a luxury undersea suite
- diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine outside the lagoon
- an initiation to piloting a three-passenger mini-sub inside the lagoon with the assistance of a trained pilot
- scuba diving and snorkeling
- walks on the lagoon floor with the Sea-Trek System
- wine tasting classes
- and a few other exciting adventures!

Oh what I would give to visit here!

Happy Travels!

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  1. This place hasn't been built yet but I wish it had, I would definitely make a booking.


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