Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Destination Spotlight: Boat Hotel on Cocoa Island, Maldives

I hope ya'll are enjoying your week! Sometimes in the craziness that is our lives we need a little break...a little inspiration.

Most all of us live busy and stressful lives whether you're like me and running to class, trying to balance a social life, school, work, working out, the list can run on for days...but take a moment, take a deep breath, and just close your eyes.

Transport yourself about 9,000 miles away to an island sunbathing in the middle of the ocean and welcoming you with open arms. An island where the water is unbelievably crystal blue, the sun simply kisses your skin and brightens your whole day, and the soft white sand feels like clouds on your toes as you take a sunset stroll.

Sounds like a dream right? But what if I told you this little slice of heaven actually exists?

Welcome to Cocoa Island. Welcome to paradise on earth.

Really, have you ever seen water so blue? Lying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Cocoa Island is an intimate private island that promises some of the world's best beaches, snorkeling, diving, cuisines, and more.

Enjoy your private suite, which on this island means an adorably picturesque boat to call "home", equipped with a personal sundeck, chaise lounges, and a dining table to admire the gorgeous sunsets while enjoying tastes of the local cuisine.

I don't know about you but I could seriously live here. The simplicity of life is just calling my name! These past few years have really taught me to appreciate the simple things in life: having the time to sit down with family for meals, taking evening walks, the beauty of a sunset, and just enjoying being healthy, blessed, and alive.

So wherever you are at the moment, take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the journey :)

Until next time,

* For more information on traveling to Cocoa Island, visit here. To find out more about visiting the Maldives, visit here. Photographs and information from and

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Destination Spotlight: Tree Camping on the Pacific Coast; Elk, California

Have you contained your excitement yet? If you're any bit like me, you're still in awe of the beauty of this photo, the concept that you can actually camp in a tree, and that this would be one of the greatest dates ever! (Ahem, future husband I hope you read this someday.)

Welcome to the world of Tree Camping. A fast-growing adventure that, if you can believe, has been tracked all the way from beautiful California across the world to Japan, South Africa, and many other countries. Not to scare you away, but as I looked into this amazing adventure, it is a lot more complicated than this serene picture implies. Renting all of the necessary equipment and the process of actually getting up into the tree seems to be a little on the tricky side.

I wasn't quite able to find the price of this adventure either, which usually isn't a good sign but I'd like to think that the experience would be beyond worth it. The "Treeboat" bed is designed to hang from branches and comes with a mosquito net, blankets, and a pillow. Just add a nice glass of wine and a good book and I'll be a happy camper! (pun intended)

Life is incredibly beautiful, don't you agree?

*For more information on Tree Camping, visit here. Information and picture taken from

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